Posted by: weetota88 | April 11, 2009

-insert cp show name here-

we are getting closer and closer to the realese of this show! and like i said w will tell you more!

There you can look at the list of episodes and what their about!!!

That’s All i’ve got now!

See ya

Posted by: weetota88 | March 30, 2009


Yes It’s True!

A CP SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new cp series is called

-Insert Cp Show Name Here-

Caracters Played by:                                                                                                         PinguPigloo                                                                                                                                   Weetota88                                                                                                                                 Ddnica12

We can’t give you much information now But check back soon for some posters and trailers and other cool and fun stuff!


Posted by: weetota88 | February 1, 2009

I don’t Like your Girlfriend

Hey guys!

Sorry about our Xmas movie, but we have to postpone it untill December 2009,

we missed the deadline.

well anyway right now we are working on a Valentines day movie

I don’t like your Girlfriend

so be sure to watch it when it comes out!


Posted by: weetota88 | December 24, 2008

Camp rock cancelled?new movie?

We are having difficulties with Camp Rock so we are sorry to dissapoint but it will be cancelled or postponed we Might get back to it later.

in other news, It’s almost X-mas me And Pingu Pigloo are Working on a Christmas Movie!

The new deer is here

It is about A new Reindeer(weetota) who joins the crew, Rudolph is Jealous but inside really likes her.

Characters we know so far is:

Weetota- Weetota88

Rudolph- Pingu Pigloo

We hope you watch our X-mas movie and we apologize that’ll be late Due to last minute.

-Weetota88 CPMM

Posted by: weetota88 | September 27, 2008

Hello world!


We are the Cp movie makers

Weetota88 and Pingu Pigloo

Weetota88’s site is

Pingu Pigloo’s site is

We make club penguin movies!

We have our own youtube channel if you would like to visit it go to

Right now we are currently working on the movie CAMP ROCK!!!!!